Sharks, cephalopods, and other sea critters.
Flame angelfish, unicorn fish, sergeant major fish, flounder, worm.
Horseshoe crab plus some coral.
You're in the woods gathering ingredients and inviting guests!
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You're an indentured servant to an entity known as "boss man".
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The lab is sinking! The experiments escaped!
A table top race where you're a mutant athlete post-apocalypse.
Octopus that can swim and punch.
Goblin shark, wolffish, gastropod, elephant seal, rockhopper, cuttlefish, slug.
Scuba Stu is a scuba diver ready for adventure!
It is what it is! Water tiles, swordfish, parrotfish, and tunes!
The fastest shark in the ocean!
Japanese yokai said to ward off disease epidemics.
8bit to 32bit whale sprites plus some loop samples!
Five 8bit water tiles and 10 music loops!
A 16-bit dolphin, baby! With bonus tiles!
Scaly foot snail! The iron clad sea snail of the sea!
The tiniest and cutest fishies of all!
One very anxious puffer!
A deep red-orange anglerfish buddy with a worm and a yeti crab!
Primary jellyfishes with bloop sounds and a corepod!
Music that sounds like waiting at a station or snoozing on the commute!
It's a big red crab!
Forage fish or food animals that bigger fish eat!
This a big buddy!
Mysterious soundtrack to an unknown, nonexistent game!
DIOS MIO! Is this the last vaquita porpoise?
An endangered monk seal!
72 ogg music files and sound bites!
An small endangered penguin!
A very hungry and endangered bear!
Sunfish are the size and weight of a car so they are awesome!
Jellyfish, squid, octopus, fish, and sea turtles!
Deadly non-edible petroleum-based products!
The smallest manatee and the only manatee without nails!
A medium-sized hairy aquatic friend!
It's the biggest most algae covered manatee friend.